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Penzion Na Začátku
Benecko 78
512 37 Benecko

Benecko - Giant Mountains - Surroundings

Our family guesthouse is located on the border of the Benecko village. The village lies 860 meters above the sea and is on of the most highly placed townships in the Giant Mountains. You can get to us by car from Prague in an hour and half, so you do not have to afraid of wasting too much time.

Benecko in winter

During the winter season you can enjoy nice family slopes and lifts which offer not only the perfect services but also a lot of activities for both children and adults. In contrast with other skiing areals in the Giant Mountains, Benecko is a very suitable place for the families with children.

Benecko also offers one of the best cross-country skiing tracks which are maintained regularly. You can use them to ski through the Giant Mountains and enjoy beautiful landscape views.

Benecko in summer

Varying touristic routes from the easy ones up to hard ones, connection to cycling roads of Giant Mountains National park, amazing nature - it all makes Benecko a paradise for tourists and cyclists. You can also walk through the Lufťák' path or try the inline skating and scooters on the brand new asphalt road finishing at the Rovinka refreshments. You can also visit local sightseeing - Žalý, dam Labská, biofarm Hucul and others.

Right in the village, you can ride the mountain carts, enjoy the tubing park or play bowling in case of bad weather.

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Penzion Na Začátku
Benecko 78
512 37 Benecko
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