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Penzion Na Začátku
Benecko 78
512 37 Benecko

Accommodation in the heart of Giant Mountains

In our family guesthouse there are stylish and spacious rooms with dedicated bathroom with the shower enclosure, LED TV and Wi-Fi waiting for you. All of the 5 four-beds room will offer you beautiful view and the calm sleep interrupted by nothing.

What else can our guesthouse offer?

  • Social room including bar with limited opening hours.
  • Spacious terrace with possibility.
  • Well-known homemade cuisine
  • Food from high-quality and fresh ingredients (vegetarian and gluten-free food also available on demand)
  • Comfort wellness with sausan and whirlpool
  • Hot lava stones massage - Aromatherapy
  • Reflexe foot massage, face massage
  • Parking parking space directly at the guesthouse
  • Bar offering wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Beer from the family brewery Bernard
  • Quality wine from family wine-making Lacina and wines from the TRENTINO region, the Mezzacorona winery of the Castel Firmian series

You can also relax in our summerhouse with beautiful view of the summits of the Giant Mountains or admire our mountain piece of water full of trouts.

RoomSocial room - Guest
                                                                                                        review awards 2017

Our homemade cuisine

We cook for you not only decent homemade soups - starting from beef broth up special local soups - but we also do our best while we preparing desserts and delis. With coffee, you can enjoy blueberry pie or apple strudel. With beer, you can sample our pickled Hermelin cheese or spicy sausages.

From our guesthouse you can take homemade baked teas (apple / ginger, plum / ginger), jams (blueberry, plum, pear, apricot, strawberry), which are 100% natural and pure, without added chemicals and preservatives. Gift-packed herbal teas from our meadow and dried mushrooms will set you in a nostalgic mood.

We support local producer and therefore we purchase meat in local Podkrkonošska uzenina - Bělá u Staré Paky, bread in Krakonošovo pekařství (Vysoké nad Jizerou). We carry amazing rolls and buns from První parního pekařství - Oldřich Nývlt, Jilemnice. If you want to taste trouts, we will deliver them for you from private fisheryJizerka in Horní Sytová.

Sport opportunities around the guesthouse

In the winter there is available slope with lift suitable for children and parents. If you are not good in downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding, we gladly improve your winter sports skills.

  • We lend skiing and snowboarding equipment
  • We arrange sport-relaxing weekends
  • We will advise where to go for walking and cycling trips
  • In-line trail right next to the guesthouse
  • Hardening with the Wim Hof method in a mountain pool

This is hoverever not all. Another activities are waiting for you:

  • Trampoline with a diameter of 4m for children and adults
  • Table football
  • Table tennis
  • Child's corner and sandbox
  • Slack line, swings
  • Exercise bike, traction and rowing machine
  • TRX hangers, trapeze
  • Punchbag
  • Hardening pool
Penzion Na Začátku
Benecko 78
512 37 Benecko
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